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gd::PlatformLoader Class Reference

Load a gd::Platform in memory from a file and add it to the manager. More...

#include <PlatformLoader.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void LoadAllPlatformsInManager (gd::String dir)
static std::shared_ptr
< gd::Platform
LoadPlatformInManager (gd::String fullpath)

Detailed Description

Load a gd::Platform in memory from a file and add it to the manager.

Platforms are expected to be compiled into shared library. The shared library must provides the two C functions CreateGDPlatform and DestroyGDPlatform :

extern "C" gd::Platform * GD_API CreateGDPlatform();
extern "C" void GD_API DestroyGDPlatform();

Platforms are expected to be singletons, so the DestroyGDPlatform is not passing any pointer as argument.

Member Function Documentation

void gd::PlatformLoader::LoadAllPlatformsInManager ( gd::String  dir)

Load all the platforms available in a directory.

dirThe directory where platforms must be searched for.
For now, only GDCpp.dll and GDJS.dll are loaded.
std::shared_ptr< gd::Platform > gd::PlatformLoader::LoadPlatformInManager ( gd::String  fullpath)

Load a specific platform.

fullpathThe path to the platform file.
Smart pointer to the loaded platform. Can be NULL ( if loading failed ).

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