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gd::ParameterMetadataTools Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void ParametersToObjectsContainer (gd::Project &project, const std::vector< gd::ParameterMetadata > &parameters, gd::ObjectsContainer &outputObjectsContainer)
static void IterateOverParameters (const std::vector< gd::Expression > &parameters, const std::vector< gd::ParameterMetadata > &parametersMetadata, std::function< void(const gd::ParameterMetadata &parameterMetadata, const gd::String &parameterValue, const gd::String &lastObjectName)> fn)
static size_t GetObjectParameterIndexFor (const std::vector< gd::ParameterMetadata > &parametersMetadata, size_t parameterIndex)

Member Function Documentation

size_t gd::ParameterMetadataTools::GetObjectParameterIndexFor ( const std::vector< gd::ParameterMetadata > &  parametersMetadata,
size_t  parameterIndex 

Given a parameter, return, if applicable, the index of the object parameter it's linked to.

void gd::ParameterMetadataTools::IterateOverParameters ( const std::vector< gd::Expression > &  parameters,
const std::vector< gd::ParameterMetadata > &  parametersMetadata,
std::function< void(const gd::ParameterMetadata &parameterMetadata, const gd::String &parameterValue, const gd::String &lastObjectName)>  fn 

Iterate over a list of parameters and their values. Callback function is called with the parameter metadata, its value and if applicable the name of the object it's linked to.

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