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Represents an object group. More...

#include <ObjectGroup.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Find (const gd::String &name) const
 Return true if an object is found inside the ObjectGroup.
void AddObject (const gd::String &name)
 Add an object name to the group.
void RemoveObject (const gd::String &name)
 Remove an object name from the group.
void RenameObject (const gd::String &oldName, const gd::String &newName)
 Change the name of an object in the group.
const gd::StringGetName () const
 Get group name.
void SetName (const gd::String &name_)
 Change group name.
const std::vector< gd::String > & GetAllObjectsNames () const
 Get a vector with objects names.
void SerializeTo (SerializerElement &element) const
 Serialize the group.
void UnserializeFrom (const SerializerElement &element)
 Unserialize the group.

Detailed Description

Represents an object group.

Objects groups do not really contains objects : They are just used in events, so as to create events which can be applied to several objects.

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