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gd::ExpressionCompletionFinder Class Reference

Returns the list of completion descriptions for an expression node. More...

#include <ExpressionCompletionFinder.h>

Inherits gd::ExpressionParser2NodeWorker.

Public Member Functions

const std::vector
< ExpressionCompletionDescription > & 
GetCompletionDescriptions ()
 Return the completions found for the visited node.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::vector
< ExpressionCompletionDescription
GetCompletionDescriptionsFor (gd::ExpressionNode &node, size_t searchedPosition)
 Given the expression, find the node at the specified location and returns completions for it.

Protected Member Functions

void OnVisitSubExpressionNode (SubExpressionNode &node) override
void OnVisitOperatorNode (OperatorNode &node) override
void OnVisitUnaryOperatorNode (UnaryOperatorNode &node) override
void OnVisitNumberNode (NumberNode &node) override
void OnVisitTextNode (TextNode &node) override
void OnVisitVariableNode (VariableNode &node) override
void OnVisitVariableAccessorNode (VariableAccessorNode &node) override
void OnVisitVariableBracketAccessorNode (VariableBracketAccessorNode &node) override
void OnVisitIdentifierNode (IdentifierNode &node) override
void OnVisitObjectFunctionNameNode (ObjectFunctionNameNode &node) override
void OnVisitFunctionCallNode (FunctionCallNode &node) override
void OnVisitEmptyNode (EmptyNode &node) override

Detailed Description

Returns the list of completion descriptions for an expression node.

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