GDevelop JS Platform
Platform for developing HTML5/Javascript based games with GDevelop
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gdjs::JsPlatform Class Reference

GDevelop Javascript Platform. More...

#include <JsPlatform.h>

Inherits Platform.

Public Member Functions

virtual gd::String GetName () const
virtual gd::String GetFullName () const
virtual gd::String GetSubtitle () const
virtual gd::String GetDescription () const
virtual gd::String GetIcon () const
virtual gd::String GetExtensionCreateFunctionName ()
 The name of the function searched in an extension file to create the extension.
void AddNewExtension (const gd::PlatformExtension &extension)
virtual void ReloadBuiltinExtensions ()
 (Re)load platform built-in extensions. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static JsPlatformGet ()
static void DestroySingleton ()
 Destroy the singleton. More...

Detailed Description

GDevelop Javascript Platform.

Platform designed to be used to create 2D games based on Javascript.

This is the core class that is exposing to the IDE the features of the platform.
The IDE creates this platform during its startup, thanks to CreateGDPlatform/DestroyGDPlatform.

Member Function Documentation

void gdjs::JsPlatform::DestroySingleton ( )

Destroy the singleton.

You do not need usually to call this method.
JsPlatform & gdjs::JsPlatform::Get ( )

Get access to the JsPlatform instance (JsPlatform is a singleton).

void gdjs::JsPlatform::ReloadBuiltinExtensions ( )

(Re)load platform built-in extensions.

Can be useful if, for example, the user changed the language of the editor.

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