GDevelop C++ Platform
Platform for developing native games based on OpenGL and SFML with GDevelop
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAdvancedExtensionStandard extension providing advanced or special features
 CAESAES encryption algorithm
 CAnimationProxyWrapper around a pointer to Animation, used to reduce compile time
 CAudioExtensionStandard extension providing audio features
 CBadRuntimeVariablesContainer"Bad" variable container, used by events when no other valid container can be found
 CBadVariable"Bad" variable, used by events when no other valid variable can be found
 CBaseDebuggerInternal base class to implement a debugger. Derive from this class and implement UpdateGUI function which be called automatically by the scene
 CBaseObjectExtensionStandard extension providing features for all objects
 CBaseProfilerBase class to create a profiler
 CBehaviorsRuntimeSharedDataBase class for defining behaviors shared datas used at runtime
 CBehaviorsRuntimeSharedDataHolderContains all the shared data of the behaviors of a RuntimeScene
 CCameraExtensionStandard extension providing features concerning cameras
 CCodeExecutionEngineWrapper allowing to load a dynamic library and launch a specific function
 CCollisionResultContains the result of PolygonCollisionTest
 CCommonConversionsExtensionStandard extension providing conversion ( ToString/ToNumber ) features
 CCommonInstructionsExtensionStandard extension providing common events and conditions/actions
 CCppCodeEventBuiltin internal event that pick an object of a list each time it is repeated
 CCppPlatformGDevelop C++ Platform
 CCProfileIteratorAn iterator to navigate through the tree
 CCProfileManagerThe Manager for the Profile system
 CCProfileNodeA node in the Profile Hierarchy Tree
 CDatFileInternal class used to create and access "DAT files"
 CExtensionBaseBase class for C++ extensions. Extensions can provide :
 CExternalLayoutsExtensionStandard extension providing features related to external layouts
 CFileExtensionStandard extension providing files features
 CFontManagerFontManager loads and manages SFML fonts
 CForceRepresents a force to be applied on an object
 CInputManagerManage the events and mouse, keyboard and touches inputs of a sf::Window
 CJoystickExtensionInternal built-in extension providing joysticks features
 CKeyboardExtensionInternal built-in extension providing keyboard features
 CManualTimerManual timer, updated using ManualTimer::UpdateTime member function
 CMathematicalToolsExtensionInternal built-in extension providing mathematical features
 CMD5MD5 hash algorithm
 CMouseExtensionInternal built-in extension providing mouse features
 CMusicRepresents a music to be played
 CNetworkExtensionInternal built-in extension providing very basic network features
 CObjectHasNameFunctor testing object name
 CObjectsFromInitialInstanceCreatorInternal Tool class used by RuntimeScene::CreateObjectsFrom
 CObjInstancesHolderContains lists of objects classified by the name of the objects
 CProfileEventEvent used internally by GD C++ Platform to profile events
 CProfileLinkInternal class used as a link between compiled events code and events
 CRuntimeBehaviorBase class used to represents a behavior that can be applied to an object during runtime
 CRuntimeCameraA camera which is displayed on a part of a window ( see Viewport related methods ) rendering an area of the scene
 CRuntimeContextHelper class used by events generated code to get access to various things without including "heavy" classes such as RuntimeScene
 CRuntimeGameRepresents a game being played
 CRuntimeLayerA layer of a layout, used to display objects using RuntimeCamera
 CRuntimeObjectA RuntimeObject is something displayed on the scene
 CRuntimeSceneRepresents a scene being played
 CRuntimeSpriteObjectThe class to represents objects of type Sprite at runtime
 CRuntimeVariablesContainerContainer for gd::Variable used at by games at runtime
 CSceneExtensionStandard extension providing features related to Scene
 CsDATHeaderInternal class related to DatFile
 CsFileEntryInternal class related to DatFile
 CShaderManagerStill work in progress class to manage shaders
 CSoundRepresents a sound to be played
 CSoundManagerManage sounds and musics played by games
 CSpriteExtensionInternal built-in extension providing SpriteObject objects
 CStringEmptyFunctor testing if a gd::String is empty
 CStringInstructionsExtensionInternal built-in extension providing string features
 CTimeExtensionInternal built-in extension providing time features
 CTimeManagerManage the timers and times elapsed during last frame, since the beginning of the scene and other time related values
 CVariablesExtensionInternal built-in extension providing variables features
 CWindowExtensionInternal built-in extension providing windows features
 CXmlFileHelper class wrapping a tinyxml document in RAII fashion
 CXmlFilesManagerHelper class for opening XML files