GDevelop Core
Core library for developing platforms and tools compatible with GDevelop.
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cgd::_Unique_if< T >
 Cgd::_Unique_if< T[]>
 Cgd::_Unique_if< T[N]>
 Cgd::AbstractFileSystemAn interface to manipulate files in a platform agnostic way. This allow exporters to work on files without knowing what is actually being used to manipulate files (Node.js, browser shims, etc...)
 Cgd::AnimationClass representing an animation of a SpriteObject
 Cgd::ArbitraryEventsWorkerArbitraryEventsWorker is an abstract class used to browse events (and instructions) and do some work on them. Can be used to implement refactoring for example
 Cgd::ArbitraryResourceWorkerArbitraryResourceWorker is used so as to inventory resources and sometimes update them
 Cgd::BaseEventBase class defining an event
 Cgd::BehaviorBase class used to represents a behavior that can be applied to an object
 Cgd::BehaviorContentStore the content (i.e: the properties) of a behavior of an object
 Cgd::BehaviorMetadataContains user-friendly information about a behavior type
 Cgd::BehaviorsSharedDataBase class for defining data shared by behaviors having the same type and name
 Cgd::BuiltinExtensionsImplementerTool class containing static methods to setup an extension so that it provides standards events, objects or instructions of an extension
 Cgd::CameraA camera is used to render a specific area of a layout
 Cgd::CompilationInfoClass used by gd::PlatformExtension to ensure that an extension is compiled against the right versions of libraries
 CDependenciesAnalyzerCompute the dependencies of a scene or external events
 Cgd::DirectionClass defining a direction (set of frames) of an Animation
 Cgd::EffectRepresents an effect that can be applied on a layer
 Cgd::EffectMetadataContains user-friendly information about an effect
 Cgd::EffectsCodeGeneratorInternal class used to generate code from events
 Cgd::EventMetadataDescribe an event provided by an extension of a platform
 Cgd::EventsBasedBehaviorRepresents a behavior that is implemented with events
 Cgd::EventsCodeGenerationContextUsed to manage the context when generating code for events
 Cgd::EventsCodeGeneratorInternal class used to generate code from events
 CEventsCodeNameManglerMangle object names, so as to ensure all names used in code are valid
 Cgd::EventsContextStore the results of a search done by EventsContextAnalyzer
 Cgd::EventsFunctionEvents that can be generated as a stand-alone function, and used as a condition, action or expression
 Cgd::EventsListA list of events
 Cgd::EventsListSerializationContains tools for loading and saving events to SerializerElement
 Cgd::EventsRefactorerClass containing functions to do refactoring tasks on events
 Cgd::EventsSearchResultClass used to return result when calling EventsRefactorer::SearchInEvents
 Cgd::EventsVariablesFinderPerform a search over a project or a layout, searching for layout, global or object variables
 Cgd::ExpressionClass representing an expression used as a parameter of a gd::Instruction. This class is nothing more than a wrapper around a gd::String
 Cgd::ExpressionCodeGenerationInformationInformation about how generate code for an expression
 Cgd::ExpressionMetadataDescribe user-friendly information about an expression, its parameters and the function name as well as other information for code generation
 Cgd::ExpressionNodeThe base node, from which all nodes in the tree of an expression inherits from
 Cgd::ExpressionParser2Parse an expression, returning a tree of node corresponding to the parsed expression
 Cgd::ExpressionParser2NodeWorkerThe interface for any worker class ("visitor" pattern) that want to interact with the nodes of a parsed expression
 Cgd::ExpressionParserDiagnosticA diagnostic that can be attached to a gd::ExpressionNode
 Cgd::ExtensionAndMetadata< T >A container for metadata about an object/behavior/instruction/expression and its associated extension
 Cgd::ExtensionsLoaderInternal class loading static extensions
 Cgd::ExternalEventsContains a list of events not directly linked to a layout
 Cgd::ExternalLayoutAn external layout allows to create layouts of objects that can be then inserted on a layout
 Cgd::InstructionMetadata::ExtraInformationDefines information about how generate the code for an instruction
 Cstd::hash< gd::String >
 Cgd::ImageManagerManage images for the IDE as well as at runtime for GD C++ Platform, providing an easy way to get SFML images or OpenGL textures
 Cgd::InitialInstanceRepresents an instance of an object to be created on a layout start up
 Cgd::InitialInstanceFunctorTool class to be used with gd::InitialInstancesContainer::IterateOverInstances
 Cgd::InitialInstancesContainerDefines a container of gd::InitialInstances
 Cgd::InstructionAn instruction is a member of an event: It can be a condition or an action
 Cgd::InstructionMetadataDescribe user-friendly information about an instruction (action or condition), its parameters and the function name as well as other information for code generation
 Cgd::InstructionSentenceFormatterGenerate user friendly sentences and information from an action or condition metadata
 Cgd::LayerRepresents a layer of a layout
 Cgd::LayoutEditorCanvasOptionsTool class used to store settings of a LayoutEditorCanvas
 Cgd::LoadingScreenDescribe the content and set up of the loading screen
 Cgd::MetadataProviderAllow to easily get metadata for instructions (i.e actions and conditions), expressions, objects and behaviors
 Cgd::NewNameGeneratorGenerate unique names
 Cgd::ObjectBase class used to represent an object of a platform
 Cgd::ObjectGroupRepresents an object group
 Cgd::ObjectGroupsContainerA container for objects groups
 Cgd::ObjectMetadataContains user-friendly information about an object type, and a function to create a new gd::Object of this type
 Cgd::ObjectsContainerUsed as a base class for classes that will own objects (see gd::Object)
 COpenGLTextureWrapperClass wrapping an OpenGL texture
 Cgd::ParameterMetadataContains user-friendly info about a parameter, and information about what a parameter need
 Cgd::PlatformBase class for implementing a platform
 Cgd::PlatformExtensionBase class for implementing platform's extensions
 Cgd::PlatformLoaderLoad a gd::Platform in memory from a file and add it to the manager
 Cgd::PlatformManagerSingleton class managing all the platforms available
 Cgd::PlatformSpecificAssetsStore the icons, splashscreens or reference to any other asset that can be needed when exporting the game
 CPointNamed point used by Sprite
 CPolygon2dRepresents a polygon. Usually used for collisions masks
 Cgd::ProjectResourcesAdderAutomatically add missing resources of a project
 Cgd::ProjectResourcesCopierCopy all resources files of a project to a directory
 Cgd::ProjectStripperTool class providing methods to strip useless data for a project after it has been exported
 Cgd::PropertyDescriptorUsed to describe a property shown in a property grid
 Cgd::ResourceBase class to describe a resource used by a game
 Cgd::ResourcesLoaderClass used by games to load resources from files: this is purely an abstraction to most SFML loadFrom* functions
 Cgd::ResourcesManagerInventory all resources used by a project
 Cgd::SceneNameManglerMangle the name of a scene, so that it can be used in code or file names
 Cgd::SerializableWithNameList< T >A class template that store a list of elements that can be accessed by their names and serialized
 Cgd::SerializableWithNameList< gd::EventsBasedBehavior >
 Cgd::SerializableWithNameList< gd::EventsFunction >
 Cgd::SerializableWithNameList< gd::NamedPropertyDescriptor >
 Cgd::SerializerThe class used to save/load projects and GDCore classes from/to XML or JSON
 Cgd::SerializerElementA generic container that can represent a value ( containing a string, double, bool or int), an object ("associative array", "dictionary") with children or an array (children indexed by numeric properties)
 Cgd::SerializerValueA value stored inside a gd::SerializerElement
 CSFMLTextureWrapperClass wrapping an SFML texture
 Cgd::SourceFileRepresents a "physical" source file
 Cgd::SpriteRepresents a sprite to be displayed on the screen
 Cgd::SPtrList< T >
 Cgd::SPtrList< gd::Instruction >
 Cgd::StreamHolderA class holding a buffer and/or a file stream (useful for SFML classes that needs their buffer/stream continuously opened)
 Cgd::StringString represents an UTF8 encoded string
 Cgd::SystemStatsTool class to provide information about the system
 Cgd::TextFormattingRepresents the style of a text displayed in the events editor
 Cgd::VariableDefines a variable which can be used by an object, a layout or a project
 Cgd::VariablesContainerClass defining a container for gd::Variable
 Cgd::VersionWrapperUsed to get information about GDevelop Core version
 Cgd::WholeProjectRefactorerTool functions to do refactoring on the whole project after changes like deletion or renaming of an object