GDevelop Core
Core library for developing platforms and tools compatible with GDevelop.
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EventsListSerialization (gd)   
ObjectGroup (gd)   SpriteObject (gd)   
EventsListUnfolder   ObjectGroupsContainer (gd)   SPtrList (gd)   
AbstractFileSystem (gd)   EventsParametersLister (gd)   GroupEvent (gd)   ObjectHasName (gd)   StandardEvent (gd)   
Animation (gd)   EventsRefactorer (gd)   
ObjectMetadata (gd)   StreamHolder (gd)   
ArbitraryEventsWorker (gd)   EventsRemover (gd)   ObjectsContainer (gd)   String (gd)   
ArbitraryEventsWorkerWithContext (gd)   EventsSearchResult (gd)   HighestZOrderFinder (gd)   OpenGLTextureWrapper   String::StringIterator (gd)   
ArbitraryResourceWorker (gd)   EventsTypesLister (gd)   
OperatorNode (gd)   SubExpressionNode (gd)   
AudioResource (gd)   EventsVariablesFinder (gd)   
SystemStats (gd)   
Expression (gd)   IdentifierNode (gd)   
ExpressionCodeGenerationInformation (gd)   IdentifierOrFunctionOrEmptyNode (gd)   ParameterMetadata (gd)   
BaseEvent (gd)   ExpressionCodeGenerator (gd)   ImageManager (gd)   ParameterMetadataTools (gd)   TextFormatting (gd)   
Behavior (gd)   ExpressionFunctionRenamer (gd)   ImageResource (gd)   Platform (gd)   TextNode (gd)   
BehaviorContent (gd)   ExpressionMetadata (gd)   InitialInstance (gd)   PlatformExtension (gd)   
BehaviorMetadata (gd)   ExpressionNode (gd)   InitialInstanceFunctor (gd)   PlatformLoader (gd)   
BehaviorsSharedData (gd)   ExpressionNodeLocationFinder (gd)   InitialInstancesContainer (gd)   PlatformManager (gd)   UnaryOperatorNode (gd)   
BuiltinExtensionsImplementer (gd)   ExpressionObjectFinder (gd)   Instruction (gd)   PlatformSpecificAssets (gd)   
ExpressionObjectRenamer (gd)   InstructionMetadata (gd)   Point   
ExpressionObjectsAnalyzer (gd)   InstructionSentenceFormatter (gd)   Polygon2d   Variable (gd)   
Camera (gd)   ExpressionParameterMover (gd)   InstructionsList (gd)   Project (gd)   VariableAccessorNode (gd)   
CommentEvent (gd)   ExpressionParameterSearcher (gd)   InstructionsParameterMover (gd)   ProjectResourcesAdder (gd)   VariableAccessorOrVariableBracketAccessorNode (gd)   
CompilationInfo (gd)   ExpressionParser2 (gd)   InstructionsTypeRenamer (gd)   ProjectResourcesCopier (gd)   VariableBracketAccessorNode (gd)   
ExpressionParser2NodePrinter (gd)   
ProjectStripper (gd)   VariableNode (gd)   
ExpressionParser2NodeWorker (gd)   PropertyDescriptor (gd)   VariablesContainer (gd)   
DependenciesAnalyzer   ExpressionParserDiagnostic (gd)   JsonResource (gd)   
VersionWrapper (gd)   
Direction (gd)   ExpressionParserError (gd)   
VideoResource (gd)   
ExpressionParserLocation (gd)   RepeatEvent (gd)   
ExpressionsParameterMover (gd)   Layer (gd)   Resource (gd)   
Effect (gd)   ExpressionsRenamer (gd)   LayerHasName (gd)   ResourceFolder (gd)   WhileEvent (gd)   
EffectMetadata (gd)   ExpressionValidator (gd)   Layout (gd)   ResourcesAbsolutePathChecker (gd)   WholeProjectRefactorer (gd)   
EffectsCodeGenerator (gd)   ExtensionAndMetadata (gd)   LayoutEditorCanvasOptions (gd)   ResourcesInUseHelper (gd)   
EmptyEvent (gd)   ExtensionsLoader (gd)   LayoutHasName (gd)   ResourcesLoader (gd)   
EmptyNode (gd)   ExternalEvents (gd)   LinkEvent (gd)   ResourcesManager (gd)   _Unique_if (gd)   
EventMetadata (gd)   ExternalEventsHasName (gd)   LoadingScreen (gd)   ResourcesMergingHelper (gd)   _Unique_if< T[]> (gd)   
EventsBasedBehavior (gd)   ExternalLayout (gd)   
_Unique_if< T[N]> (gd)   
EventsCodeGenerationContext (gd)   ExternalLayoutHasName (gd)   
EventsCodeGenerator (gd)   ExternalSourceFileHasName (gd)   MetadataProvider (gd)   SceneNameMangler (gd)   
EventsCodeNameMangler   InstructionMetadata::ExtraInformation (gd)   
SerializableWithNameList (gd)   exception (utf8)   
EventsContext (gd)   
Serializer (gd)   
EventsContextAnalyzer (gd)   NamedPropertyDescriptor (gd)   SerializerElement (gd)   
EventsFunction (gd)   FileStream (gd)   NewNameGenerator (gd)   SerializerValue (gd)   hash< gd::String > (std)   
EventsFunctionsContainer (gd)   FontResource (gd)   NumberNode (gd)   SFMLFileStream (gd)   
EventsFunctionsExtension (gd)   ForEachEvent (gd)   
EventsFunctionTools (gd)   FunctionNode (gd)   SourceFile (gd)   invalid_code_point (utf8)   
EventsList (gd)   FunctionOrEmptyNode (gd)   Object (gd)   Sprite (gd)   invalid_utf16 (utf8)   
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